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Are we finally going to talk about this scene? The prison break? Where Kurse releases all the others from their cells…and then he comes to Loki’s cell…and they look at each other….seizing each other up…and then Kurse is like “fuck this, I’m not gonna release this psycopath, he is way too dangerous and would just cross my plans”…and walks away?

Even Malekith’s henchman is smart enough to not set Loki free.

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[AU MEME] 赤亀 ✖ The Last Samurai (And here is where I twist the plot immensely to fit in some angsty romance/friendship whatever) ➜In an era where the western world is steadily reaching out to brush their control against that of the east, the samurai is not only dwindling, but is also dividing. A new facet branches off to support the very foreigners who threaten their existence in hopes of being spared from the clearly impending genocide of the samurai. Kamenashi and Akanishi, childhood friends and the sons of two of the strongest warriors of their respective clans, band together to assure salvation. But one bloody Monday morning, just as they were to carry out an attack to destroy westerners’ main dock, Jin strays from their plans. He is captured, and when news reaches Kame, he leaves his post in hopes of rescuing him. He witnesses Jin’s death right before his very eyes. (.. Happy Valentine’s Day? LOL it’s red shut up and just take it.)

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